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Cultural Tours

With a varied collection of Nepal tour packages, you can visit the best tourist spots in Nepal. The spots are best and popular for their scenic beauty, local culture, and special attractions. Nepal Tours tailors itineraries to fulfill your travel plan and dream tours. From standard tour itinerary, you can also add extra activities or customize it. Let us craft and design the best Nepal tour and travel package that meets your schedule, budget, and particular interests.

Culturally, Nepal is rich and unique in the World. Over centuries, culture evolved here as a way of life in integration with religion. The diverse ethnicity, social groups, religious faiths live in social harmony.


Once, famous as a city of more temples than houses and more festivals than the days in a year, Kathmandu itself is one of the best destinations for cultural tours. Cultural tours are a primary activity to understand the real image of any society. Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur are the major destinations for Nepal Tour packages. Three main Durbar squares of Kathmandu and old settlements of different ethnic communities around the country have their own unique features to attract the visitors.

Over centuries, culture evolved here as a way of life in integration with religion. The diverse ethnicity, social groups, religious faiths live in social harmony. Moreover, the multidimensional heritage bounds these diversities and it expresses in music and dance; art and craft; folklore and folktales; language and literature; festivals, feasts, and celebration, food and drinks, philosophy and religions, arts and architectures; temples and monuments. Nepal’s culture is mostly influenced by Indian and Tibetan Culture.  The religions seem like mere parts of the culture in Nepal.

  • World Peace Pagoda - Buddhist Circuit Nepal Tour

    Buddhist Circuit Nepal Tour

    • Grade: Easy
    • Duration: 9 days
    • Max Altitude: 1360m

    9 Days Buddhist Circuit Nepal Tour is a famous pilgrimage tour in Nepal. The Buddhist Cultural Tour passes covering all major holy and historical sites of Buddhism. The different sites prescribed by Buddhist mythology and literature have a religious significance with a special connection with the Buddha himself or great Leaders of Buddhism are connected through the tour.

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  • Changu Narayan & Bhaktapur Sightseeing - Nyatapole Temple

    Changu Narayan & Bhaktapur – Sightseeing

    • Grade: easy
    • Duration: 1 Day
    • Max Altitude: 1350-1400

    Changu Narayan & Bhaktapur Sightseeing tour is the best program to experience the essence of both historical sites of Nepal. Changu Narayan temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and thought to be the oldest temple in Nepal, based on the evidence. The temple is notably famous for the woodcarvings, metal crafts and more.

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  • Gosaikunda Lake Trek

    • Grade: Moderate
    • Duration: 6 Days
    • Max Altitude: 4500m

    Gosaikunda Lake site is delineated as one of the most interesting religious sites with beautiful scenery of different surrounding lakes and situated on the way of particular trekking route of Dhunche –Gosaikunda –Helambu trail. The Gosaikunda trek also adjoins the famous Langtang trek in the same district.

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  • langtang

    Langtang Gosaikunda Trek

    • Grade: Moderate
    • Duration: 16 days
    • Max Altitude: 4620m

    Langtang Gosaikunda trek is easily accessible trek and one can reach at this place after one day’s drive from Kathmandu. The trek to Langtang Gosaikunda is starting from North part of Kathmandu and will be ended at the border of Tibet.

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  • Damodar Kunda

    Damodar Kunda Trek

    • Grade: Moderate
    • Duration: 19 Days
    • Max Altitude: 4890m

    Damodar Kunda has been opened for all the trekkers and pilgrimage foreigners in the year of 2002. Generally, Damodar Kunda Trek is combined with Upper Mustang Trek. It is located in the north of Mt. Annapurna range in 4890 m elevation. Damodar Kunda is a small lake which is famous among Hindu and Buddhist religious pilgrims as a holy destination.

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  • Pottery Making in Nepal as a daily life

    Real Nepal Experience Tour

    • Grade: Easy/Moderate
    • Duration: 12 Days
    • Max Altitude: 3270m

    The Real Nepal Experience Tour is the best opportunity to visit the most recommended places in Nepal. The Real Nepal Experience Tour takes you to the capital city of Kathmandu, Lake City of Pokhara, hiking to the wonderful viewpoint of Ghorepani Poon hill and exciting Wildlife Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park.

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